5 Years and on...My rendezvous with Howrah Loco Shed...

It all started 5 years back. 2010, my first visit to Howrah Loco Shed. A shunter, friend, and of course my guide Mr Manish, who took me there. I vividly remember, i travelled in a G7 going all the way @10 km/hr to the Loco Shed. A mesmerizing experience. Got down from the Loco. Introduced myself to the shed people as a "Rail Fanatic". I was new to them. Showed my collection of information regarding Indian Railways. Impressed and motivated, they told me i am welcomed.

It was my start. I was observing and keeping in mind what to remember and what not to. Was there for 2 hours. Finally came back in King Style with the Loco allocated for Rajdhani Express a WAP 7. 

Then, for the next two years i used to go with Mr Manish, roam around the shed, collecting information regarding the monsters. My queries were responded by IRFCA. 
Now, it was my first time to drive a P7 from Howrah to Shed. December 2012, took charge of a P7 from Howrah to loco Shed. An exhilarating experience. Thanks to the shunters once again for giving me the chance to do so. 

I wanted to know more. Whom to approach was my question?? Now the time has come to thank those persons who gave me the permit to visit the shed anytime i want and to ask them questions freely whatever came in my mind regarding IR. Yes, they are none other than the IRS officers who gave me the permission to visit Howrah ELS anytime i want. A big thanks to AEE and SE DIV EE officers. Without them, it would not be possible to go and visit the sheds anytime i want.

Testing ,Driving, Learning is all what i do at Howrah Loco Shed.
Thanks to the supervisor and senior engineer for teaching me the basics of Locomotive.

Thank You sir, Thank You very much. That's all about Howrah Loco Shed.

Loco's @Howrah trip Shed.....


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A Rail Enthusiast. Born and brought up in Calcutta. Have interests in rolling stock and Locomotives and their control techniques.
Also love to collect information and trivia on our Indian Railway network...
Have worked with ABB, Siemens, Bombardier Transportation and Larsen & Toubro as an intern. 
I majored in Electronics and Communications Engineering as my undergraduate degree on 2nd August 2016.